Sterlitech Corporation is Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Sterlitech, a manufacturer of filtration products, is pleased to announce it has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality certification with Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. Its award indicates that Sterlitech’s quality management system is designed to increase productivity, streamline processes, and ensure product quality.

“Quality management ensures that our customers receive top quality filtration solutions with excellent technical support," says Josh Baker, Manufacturing Operations Manager at Sterlitech. “This is a result of our team’s collaborative efforts and we’re proud of the accomplishment. We see our registration with ISO 9001:2015 as a milestone in our continuing goal to keep our customers at the forefront of their research.”

ISO 9001:2015 registration certifies a process-oriented approach to quality management. Both customers and business partners can recognize this certification as a symbol of commitment to developing and maintaining quality policies. ISO is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards, and ISO 9001:2015 defines the requirements for Quality Management Systems. The management standards of the ISO 9001:2015 certification are observed by more than one million companies in more than 170 countries worldwide.

About Perry Johnson: 
Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. is dedicated to differentiating itself as an effective provider of certification services, as well as ensuring that we create value for our customers, industry stakeholders, and employees. PJR understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, manages conflict of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its management certification activities.

Sterlitech Announces New 150 mm Glass Filter Holder System 

Sterlitech Corporation today introduced its 150 mm Glass Vacuum Filtration System, the largest glass assembly in its line of glassware for liquid filtration. This new option increases filtering capacity by 67% while still preventing filter bypass. Both rough debris removal and bacterial filtration can be accomplished using this single assembly.

“Customers across several markets have indicated a significant need for greater throughput during processing”, says President Mark Spatz. “With this system, our goal is to equip our customers with the means to increase their production capacity without losing efficiency”.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the 150 mm Glass Assembly includes a 2L funnel, which doubles filtering capacity compared to other standard glass holders, and is equipped with a PTFE coated stainless steel support screen, and 10L PVC-coated vacuum receiving flask. The coating detail reinforces the assembly for safe use in cold filtration applications. The vacuum assembly also features ground glass joints for an improved seal and GL14 connections for easy disconnect.

This versatile system accommodates most membrane filters in a 150 mm diameter and within a range of thicknesses, broadening its use across numerous applications.

The 150 mm all-glass vacuum filter assembly can be purchased on its own, or as part of complete filtration kit, which includes a compatible vacuum pump, tubing, and pack of membranes.

Sterlitech to Provide Larger Scale Membrane Skids for Research and Industry Customers

Sterlitech Corporation announces the availability of its fully assembled Pilot Skid membrane filtration systems.

These Pilot Skid Systems are specifically designed for pilot testing of spiral wound membrane filters or small scale filtration processes. They offer more than 200 times the filtration surface available in standard bench-top filtration systems, allowing users to increase throughput and obtain results that translate for scale-up. Digital skids enable hands-free monitoring of process parameters and eliminate the need to manually record data.

Built in benefits include: 

  • Pre-assembled and plug-in ready
  • Digital or analog options
  • Customizable for chemical compatibility and application requirements

According to Sterlitech’s Product Manager, Sepideh Jankhah, “Pilot Skid systems are developed for the next level of testing, once investigators have established proof of concept in their bench-top filtration systems.” She continues to explain that “testing with the Pilot Skid allows investigators to use full size spiral wound membranes for evaluating new processes or products and gather operational parameters and tests results that are representative of those expected in full size membrane filtration systems.”

Pilot Skids can be used in various applications, from new process and product development to quality assurance and materials research. They offer the opportunity to increase throughput in batch processing of water and wastewater, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other solutions. Mounted skid systems increase productivity and establish consistency in experimental control. Whether it is reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, or microfiltration applications, the Pilot Skid is a ready-to-use system for expanding a bench-top process.

Technical support at every step of purchasing and implementing ensures users receive optimized design and an easy introduction of their new pilot system. Sterlitech also provides an operational training webinar within one week of delivery; each webinar is interactive and tailored to the skid design and the needs and skill level of its users. Our goal is to enable customers to seamlessly move their processes to pilot scale and promote continued innovation.

Sterlitech Announces New Ready to Ship, Fully Assembled Membrane Skid System

Sterlitech Corporation announces the availability of their fully assembled skid mounted membrane filtration systems.

These skid mounted systems are specifically designed to bring a new level of ease to bench scale testing of membrane filters and small batch processing.

Benefits include: 

  •     Plug in ready
  •     Multiple configuration options
  •     Certified at factory to be leak and trouble free

According to Sterlitech President Mark Spatz, “Our goal for developing this product was to help our customers do what they do best - research and develop- and minimize time spent on plumbing, wiring and waiting!” He continued, “We’re aiming to ship each skid mounted system within 2 weeks of purchase date.”

Already in use in many academic and industry R&D labs for applications such as membrane development, quality assurance, materials research and batch processing of micro biologicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and others, these skid mounted systems increase productivity and establish consistency in experimental control. Organizations with several different interests can quickly adjust operating parameters to meet an assortment of testing goals.

Pre and post-sales technical support ensures users receive optimized design and are provided with Sterlitech’s operational training webinar within one week of delivery. Each webinar is interactive and is tailored to the skid design and the needs and skill level of its users.

Sterlitech Starts Offering Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Cell and Membrane Filters

Sterlitech’s “plug and play” DCMD test cell is the 1st commercially available bench-scale cross/tangential flow test cells that mimics conditions representative of large-scale DCMD systems with minimal amounts of membrane or product, offering researchers fast and accurate performance data to easily evaluate the performance of membranes or membrane separation processes.

Membrane Distillation (MD) is widely employed in desalination, concentration in food industries, acid manufacturing, removing organic and heavy metals, and in treating radioactive waste. The MD process offers advantages such as: 

  •     Low operating temperatures
  •     Low hydrostatic pressures
  •     Less susceptibility to fouling
  •     Ability to use renewable energy or waste heat

All of these translate into lower energy requirements, compared to high pressure or high temperature processes.

Sterlitech pioneers bench-scale cross/tangential flow test cells for Pressure-Driven and Osmotically-Driven membrane separation processes. “Adding the DCMD test cell to the Membrane and Process Development product line complements this line of product by offering researchers a bench-scale test cell for evaluating Temperature-Driven membrane separation processes,” said Sepideh Jankhah, Product Manager at Sterlitech Corporation.

The driving force in the MD process is the partial pressure difference between each side of the membrane. Under these conditions, volatile molecules evaporate at the hot liquid-vapor interface, flow through the membrane pores, and condense in the cold liquid-vapor interface.

The liquid to be treated is circulated in direct contact with the feed side of the membrane in the Sterlitech’s DCMD cell. A cold liquid solution is circulated in direct contact with the permeate side of the membrane. Both the feed and the cooling solution are circulated tangentially to the membrane surface using pumps at low or no hydrostatic pressures.

Hydrophobic flat sheet membranes, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene (PP) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), can be used in Sterlitech’s DCMD cell. The pore size for membranes used in the DCMD process generally ranges around 10nm to 1 um.

Parasitic Worm Test for Neglected Tropic Disease Becomes More Readily Accessible

Parasites have met their match. Sterlitech, an industry leader in unique micro and sub-micron filtration products, announced today that its Kato-Katz Technique Diagnostic Kit is now available for immediate use in the field. The kit was developed in response to the unanimous difficulty among research groups, control programs, and health organizations to source a fecal-sample-based test kit. This kit enables field scientists to identify the presence of eggs from parasitic Soil-Transmitted Helminth (STH) worms in infected patients.

This is the first time that the kit has been made available from a source in the United States. Until now, research groups and health organizations alike had to rely on a limited availability of kits. Schistosome infections continue to be common where poverty prevails and hygiene behavior, water supply, and sanitation are often deficient. The worms live in the intestine of infected people and can cause a range of gastrointestinal and reproductive complications, if left untreated.

“Improving the accessibility of the Kato-Katz Kit ensures that infected patients continue to receive a diagnosis through a reliable technique and subsequently receive treatment; it’s helping to save lives,” says Sterlitech’s President Mark Spatz.

Included in each Kato-Katz technique kit are the tools and instructions necessary for carrying out 500 tests. The entire kit is contained in a small box for easy use in field hospitals and clinics, enabling medical staff to diagnose infection levels in remote locations. The kit complements the Schistosome Kit, which detects Schistosome eggs in urine. Both kits are currently available at

Sterlitech Launches New Line of Vacuum Pumps

Sterlitech Corporation introduces the compact, quiet, and affordable TLD3000 and TLD5000 diaphragm vacuum pumps to its comprehensive line of analytical laboratory equipment. With optimized features, such as PTFE-coated contact surfaces, an oil-free design, and stainless steel valves, these versatile pumps provide a chemically resistant and maintenance-free solution for a broad range of vacuum filtration applications.

Featuring a 1/7 horsepower motor, the TLD3000 model delivers a vacuum of up to 22 in-Hg and free air displacement of 20 L/min. The larger, bleach-resistant TLD5000 model includes a 1/5 horsepower motor, for a maximum vacuum of 24 in-Hg ,and free air displacement of 37 L/min. Model TLD5000 also supports a maximum pressure of 18 psig, making it suitable for use as a pressure pump. Both vacuum pump models feature liquid inlet traps, vacuum regulators, and PTFE diaphragms rated for 12,000 hours of use.

Designed with the scientist in mind, these pumps are built to accommodate frequent use and withstand the most demanding lab environments. Sterlitech President Mark Spatz says, “With the added assurance that comes from being manufactured in the United States, scientists and technicians can be sure that the TLD3000 and TLD5000 are the most economical, yet durable, vacuum pumps on the market for general laboratory applications.”

In addition to the wide-ranging utility and impressive benefits already offered by these pumps as stand-alone products, they are also compatible with Sterlitech’s other vacuum filtration equipment, membrane filters, filter funnels, and vacuum manifolds to accommodate countless additional custom applications.

New Nanofiber Membrane Provides Fast, Efficient Filtration

With its latest polyacrylonitrile (PAN) membrane, Sterlitech Corporation offers a hydrophilic filter that does not sacrifice selectivity to achieve faster flow rates in comparison to nylon or polyethersulfone (PES). Its unique nanofiber mesh construction combines extremely fine pores with significant open space to allow easy liquid flow while trapping particulates as small as 0.2 micron in width.

“This technology is already in use for water filtration in applications where low energy is required,” said Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. “We are excited to introduce this technology at Sterlitech because we know it has a place in laboratories or small-batch processes where its uniquely high flux is an asset.”

This novel membrane’s performance is attributed to its unique construction. It is created by extruding extremely fine PAN nanofibers onto a polyethylene support substrate, to form a tight mesh that filters out particles, colloids, and bacteria larger than 0.2 micron. The mesh also has a relatively open structure that allows water or aqueous solutions to pass through quickly with very little applied pressure.

Sterlitech’s PAN membrane combines excellent selectivity, high flowrates and low pressure requirements which help laboratories simplify their filtration setups while maintaining quality and efficient workflow. They will be offered as filter disks, pre-cut in a number of standard sizes or as sample sheets for customers to cut into custom sizes.

To discuss your specific filter requirements, please contact Sterlitech’s team of laboratory filtration experts at or by phone 1-877-544-4420 and they would be happy to assist you.

Sterlitech Offers New Ultrafiltration Membranes

Sterlitech is proud to offer Synder Filtration’s recently developed ultrafiltration membranes, the PX, PY, and PZ Polyacrylonotrile (PAN) membranes, as pre-cut test coupons, sheets, and disks. Designed to be ideal for oil removal in wastewater treatment applications, these new membranes can fill critical process requirements where the presence of oils in industrial effluent hinder downstream processes.

“New regulations on industrial wastewater discharge and quality requirements for water reuse make it increasingly necessary for companies to find an efficient and cost-effective method to separate emulsified oils from wastewater,” said Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. “We added the PX, PY, and PZ membranes to provide our customers an alternative to existing standards and help them find the best fit for their application.”

The new PAN membranes have molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) of 400 kDa (PX), 100 kDa (PY), and 30 kDa (PZ) and, in addition to excelling at oil removal, Synder’s PAN membranes are also more hydrophilic and have a lower fouling propensity compared to PVDF membranes for wastewater treatment applications.

All of Sterlitech’s flat sheet membrane varieties can be purchased in 305 mm x 305 mm or larger sheets. In addition, they are available in precut coupons for use in the Sepa CF filtration cell, CF042 filtration cell, and most stirred cells. Custom membrane sizes are also available upon request.

Sterlitech Displays Complete CF042 Membrane Test System

Sterlitech is proud to debut its multi-line, fully integrated tangential flow flat-sheet testing system at the 2015 AMTA Membrane Technology Conference in Orlando. This new model is a culmination of a decade’s worth of engineering and customer feedback, which has resulted in a modular system compatible with a wide range of applications across an array of disciplines. It is designed to be versatile enough to meet the dynamic needs of researchers and engineers alike and is ideal for research and development, small batch processing, and simulating larger commercial processes.

“We’ve been incrementally expanding the capabilities in our membrane process and development product line,” said Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. “The CF042 Membrane Test System is the next generation of our unique offerings of convenient and consistent, but also customizable systems.”

Each CF042 membrane test cell has an effective active area of 42 square centimeters, which enables the user to take advantage of up to 250 square centimeters of active area when operating a system configured with six cells. The unique design of the quick release knobs allows flat sheet membranes to quickly be changed out, thus reducing time between trials.

The CF042 test system is fully self-contained; simply insert the membranes into the filtration cells and set your test parameters. The built-in touchscreen displays and records information from the integrated sensors in real-time, which can be accessed by connecting a computer to the system. These standardized CF042 systems help organizations with several different interests have reproducible and consistent experimental design across multiple sites.

New Membrane Combines High Selectivity and Throughput Via Integral Proteins

Sterlitech Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of lab-scale membrane development and testing equipment is proud to announce that it is among the first global distributors to offer the Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis (FO) Membrane. Developed by Aquaporin A/S of Denmark, the new membrane is specifically designed to reduce the costs of water purification by harnessing a remarkable mechanism found in all forms of life on Earth.

“Aquaporin proteins make it possible for plants to draw water through their roots and for kidneys to filter wastes in our bloodstream,” explains Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. “By synthesizing these proteins and incorporating them into a membrane, Aquaporin A/S has created a membrane product with uniquely high selectivity and flow rates.”

Discovered in 1992 by Peter Agre, aquaporins are protein structures integrated into the cell membranes of all living organisms and are critical for controlling water concentrations. The unique structure of these proteins allows water molecules to rapidly move in and out of a cell while denying passage to ions and other solutes. Research continues into other types of integrated membrane proteins that also allow transport of small molecules such as CO2 and may form the basis of other biomimetic membrane technologies in the future.

The Aquaporin Inside™ membrane is the first membrane offered by Sterlitech that is specifically designed for forward osmosis evaluation applications. Available in 42 cm2, 190 cm2, and 400 in2 pre-cut sheets, Sterlitech also provides comprehensive supplementary equipment for use with the membranes to perform benchmark tests and application development.

Sterlitech Corporation Enhances Its Selection of Flat Sheet Membrane Filters

Sterlitech is proud to announce that it is adding Synder Filtration’s polymeric membranes to its stable of products. These additional products increase the selection of available molecular weight cut-offs and include membrane filters with surface charges.

“We have seen a steady increase in customer demand for our membrane process testing equipment, and correspondingly, a wider demand for a greater variety of flat sheet membranes,” explains Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. “The addition of Synder Filtration products illustrates our desire to support the wide-ranging needs of our customers and facilitate the development of new applications.”

Synder’s flat sheet membranes characteristically yield stable flux, consistent rejection, and high mechanical strength and integrity. In addition to an optimal balance of flux and rejection, their ultrafiltration PES membranes offer one of the widest ranges of molecular weight cut-offs available, excellent resistance to pH, temperature, and fouling. A family of ultrafiltration elements that meet the USP Class VI certification requirements for use in pharmaceutical production are also available. All of the new Synder flat sheet membranes are offered individually as sheets or conveniently pre-cut for use with Sterlitech’s HP4750 stainless steel stirred cell, CF042 test cell, and SEPA CF cross-flow cell.

Sterlitech’s membrane and process development equipment is used by major universities and large corporations worldwide. Common uses for its systems include research on desalination, water reclamation, membrane development, pharmaceutical processing, food and beverage processing, and protein separation.

Easy Lab Chemical Waste Storage Now Available

Sterlitech Corporation, a leading manufacturer of laboratory filtration equipment, is adding the EZWaste Safety Vented Carboy to its roster of ergonomic, compact fluid storage and transport equipment. These new, specially vented carboys are designed to help scientists create a safer laboratory environment by reducing the risks of spills and preventing hazardous solvent vapors from infiltrating the lab.

The EZWaste Safety Vented Carboys are a direct descendent of the EZGrip Carboys currently offered by Sterlitech, which means they share the same efficient, ergonomic design. What sets the EZWaste apart from the normal carboy is a special VersaCap with integrated tubing connections and an activated carbon exhaust filter. Each EZWaste system comes with extra plugs for any unused ports in the cap, and a sulfur-cured EPDM gasket to ensure a tight, chemically resistant seal. Once waste collection is complete, the vented cap is easily replaced with a standard cap for storage or transport to a designated waste facility.

“Many organic solvents common to laboratories, like acetonitrile, can give off hazardous vapors, while others, like dimethyl sulfoxide, can easily permeate through the skin when airborne,” says Mark Spatz, founder and President of Sterlitech. “The EZWaste carboy creates a closed waste collection system, preventing spills and minimizing the risks of exposure to personnel from volatile organic compounds.”

By their very nature, laboratories are expected to handle and store potentially harmful chemicals used in techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Solvents like acetonitrile, methanol, and tetrahydrofuran may be necessary to conduct research, but exposing laboratory personnel to the risk of spills and harsh vapors can now be minimized.

Sterlitech Simplifies SDI Testing with New SimpleSDI

Sterlitech Corporation is adding new product options to its line of silt density index (SDI) testing devices. Sterlitech is offering these all-in-one units in response to the industry’s demand for a convenient and durable on-site tool for measuring the fouling capacity of the feed water used in reverse osmosis systems.

Silt density index testing quantifies the amount of particulate contamination in a water source and is used to estimate the rate at which membrane fouling will occur, particularly in applications employing reverse osmosis membranes. The SDI of a feed source is measured by running a stream of feed water through a 0.45 micron filter at a constant pressure and calculating the rate at which the flow slows down (ASTM Test Method 4189-07).

“Accurate and reliable SDI testing is key to maintaining good efficiency in membrane purification facilities and to help keep operating costs down, especially when dealing with sources like seawater which have a highly variable SDI,” notes Mark Spatz, founder and President of Sterlitech. “This can be an extremely valuable measurement when performed regularly.”

Unlike previous automatic SDI kits, the SimpleSDI kit is uniquely suited for testing in the field due to its lightweight structure and rechargeable battery, which allows up to 13 hours of use between charges. Accurate and repeatable SDI measurements are automatically calculated by means of the integrated microprocessor at 5, 10, or 15 minute increments. Replacement filter membranes, booster pumps, and a manual version of the kit are also available through Sterlitech.

Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

Affordable, Easy Schistosomiasis Field Detection Now Available from Sterlitech Corporation

A leading producer of laboratory filtration equipment is encouraging wider adoption of its all-in-one Schistosomiasis field urine test kit. The Sterlitech Schistosome Test Kit contains everything necessary to perform a large number of fast, accurate, on-site urine tests for Schistosome eggs without the need for complicated equipment. The Kit is also ideally suited for use in the field, particularly in resource-poor areas where the parasitic disease persists at endemic levels.

While the disease is considered relatively easy and inexpensive to treat, methods of affordable and manageable field detection for Schistosomiasis have historically been lacking. “Preventing and controlling Schistosomiasis relies on the availability of reliable and cost-effective methods of detection in the field,” said Mark Spatz, Founder and President of Sterlitech. However, most conventional testing methods for Schistosomiasis – including serologic testing, PCR, Fast Dot ELISA, and filtration tests of feces and urine – require a sterile lab with trained personnel and expensive supplies.

“Our Schistosome Test Kit marks a huge leap forward in aiding the efforts of countries, NGOs and private humanitarian organizations who often find themselves at the mercy of fluctuating budgets and scarce personnel,” said Spatz. “We hope our kit will experience widespread use in the field, so affected populations can be identified and treated more swiftly and effectively.”

Each Sterlitech Schistosome Test Kit comes complete with 500 screen Polycarbonate Membrane Filters (13 mm diameter), Swinney filter holders, syringes, forceps, and a convenient plastic carrying case. In addition, filters are offered in different pore sizes – 12.0, 20.0 and 30.0 µm – a vital consideration since some urine samples may contain proteins that clog 20 µm filters and hinder the isolation of parasitic eggs.

Schistosomiasis is a chronic, parasitic disease second only to Malaria in its devastating impact to low-income areas of Africa, Asia and the Americas. According to the World Health Organization, over 250 million are currently infected and another 600 million are at risk for infection.

For more on Schistosomiasis, its impact and how the Sterlitech Schistosome Test Kit could help turn the tide in the fight against this disease, click here to view Sterlitech’s new white paper.

Nobuto Blood Filter Strips Simplify Disease Monitoring

Nobuto Blood Filter Strips are the latest addition to Sterlitech’s growing line of microbiology and life science products. Made from high-purity cellulose fibers, which gives them a structure ideal for uniform sampling, each strip holds approximately 0.1 mL of blood or 0.04 mL of serum. Once the blood strip has dried, researchers can analyze, store, or mail the samples without refrigeration.

“Nobuto blood filter strips are a valuable resource for tracking diseases within wild animal populations,” states Mark Spatz, president of Sterlitech. “Studies have indicated that these collection devices are easy to use and enable delayed analysis when samples are collected in the field. In past studies, they have been used to track Avian Influenza and West Nile Virus in wild birds.”

Sterlitech offers Nobuto blood filter strips in packs of 100 and plastic drying racks which can hold 40 of the strips at one time. In addition to screening for avian Influenza and West Nile virus, they are also used to test for toxoplasmosis, hantaviruses, measles, plague, tularemia, and heavy metal contamination.

October 2, 2012 - Innovative EZgrip Carboy Revolutionizes Fluid Storage and Transfer

(KENT, WA) The EZgrip™ Carboy is a pioneering fluid storage and transfer system now offered by Sterlitech Corporation. These carboys combine an ergonomic, space-efficient design with a series of interchangeable caps and spigots to make it ideally suited for a variety of laboratory settings.

“The EZgrip addresses the shortcomings of previous generations of carboys,” declares Mark Spatz, president of Sterlitech. “Two years of study were dedicated to ensure the EZgrip Carboy could exceed its users’ expectations.”

Sterlitech offers the EZgrip™ Carboy in four different material types (polypropylene, copolyester, HDPE, and PFA) with volumes ranging from 2.5 L to 75 L. The 2.5 L and 75 L carboys are, respectively, the world’s smallest and largest carboys in production today.

Rotary molded for maximum strength, each carboy features ergonomic handles and grips which makes them easy to handle and pour. Rounding out the carboy’s capabilities are the VersaCap and VersaBarb attachments, which allow the carboy to support a variety of tubulation arrangements.

About Sterlitech:

Headquartered in Kent, WA, Sterlitech Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of precision filtration products and laboratory equipment since 2001. Our products, such as the proprietary Sterlitech Silver Metal Membrane and our custom-built bench systems, deliver industry-leading performance and versatility. Across the globe, scientists from a diverse array of disciplines rely on Sterlitech’s technology.

July 24, 2012 - Cutting-edge Autofil™ Filtration System Eliminates Spills and Contamination

(KENT, WA) The Autofil™ Laboratory Filtration System is the latest addition to the growing line of Microbiology and Life Science products from Sterlitech Corporation. Vacuum-operated and designed to eliminate spills and contamination, the Autofil™ System features an ergonomically designed bottle and a stable pedestal that enables hands-free operation. This makes the system ideal for the preparation of buffers, tissue culture media, microbiological media and other biological fluids.

“Other disposable vacuum filtration systems were susceptible to being knocked over and needed constant attention during operation,” remarked Mark Spatz, president of Sterlitech. “The Autofil System prevents spills and contamination and raises the bar for usability and versatility.”

The complete system consists of a disposable Autofil™ filter funnel, a disposable SECUREgrasp™ bottle, and the Quick-Connect™ Pedestal. The disposable components of the system are sold conveniently pre-sterilized. The filter funnel is also available as a stand-alone filter that is compatible with any 45 thread bottle. A surfactant-free, low-protein-binding polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is incorporated in the filter funnel and is available in both 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm pore sizes.

About Sterlitech: 
Headquartered in Kent, WA, Sterlitech Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of precision filtration products and laboratory equipment since 2001. Our products, such as the proprietary Sterlitech Silver Metal Membrane and our custom-built bench systems, deliver industry-leading performance and versatility. Across the globe, scientists from a diverse array of disciplines rely on Sterlitech’s technology.

February 21, 2012 - PTFE Vent Filters

Our latest category addition is for Vent Filters with PTFE Membranes. These filters make venting applications easier to perform as they come equipped with different connection options that can be hooked up in a venting separation process. Visit the new category page for more information.

December 15, 2011 - "Moretexer" Vortex Mixers

The Moretexer™ is the latest addition to our line of Vortex Mixers for the lab. Available in 115v and 220v, the Moretexer is capable of simultaneously mixing eight 1.5 or 2.0 mL tubes at variable speeds from 200 to 3400 rpm.

November 17, 2011 - New Custom Sample Packs

We've added the ability for customers to design and order a custom sample pack for any of our membrane disc filter materials through the Sterlitech website. Visit the new sample pack page to select your filter material and start building the specifications you want. Each sample pack contains 5 pore size/diameter combinations of your choosing with 2 filters each, for a total of 10 filters per sample pack.

For more details on the new custom sample packs you can also read this blog post. Don't see the sample pack option you need? Ask a Sterlitech representative for additional assistance.

November 2, 2011 - New Specialty Website for Glass Fiber Filters

(KENT, WA) The Glass Fiber Store, the first online source specifically for glass fiber filters, is now live at This website is a venture of Sterlitech Corporation, a worldwide leader in membrane filtration products and bench scale equipment for the past ten years. This new site carries products from leading manufacturers such as Advantec MFS and Munktell, as well as the Sterlitech line of glass fiber filters.

Glass fiber membrane filters and filter papers are essential for many laboratory processes including: volatile suspended solids content, cell harvesting, and prefiltering. In addition to the many grades of glass fiber filters, the store also features weighing paper, extraction thimbles, and cellulose filter paper.

The Glass Fiber Store contains many useful resources to make application research and product selection easier. Compare different brands and filter grades, learn specifications, and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for a better user experience. The knowledgeable support staff of Sterlitech Corporation is also on hand to provide assistance for Glass Fiber Store customers.

For more information about the Glass Fiber Store, visit:

About Sterlitech Corporation:
Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

For more information about Sterlitech, visit:

Sterlitech Corporation Lauded in Puget Sound Business Journal List of 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Kent, WA October 16, 2011

This week Sterlitech Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of laboratory filtration equipment, was recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the 100 fastest growing private companies in Washington State. Sterlitech is positioned 83rd overall and will be included in a special publication of the Business Journal on October 14th.

Mark Spatz, Sterlitech Corporation Founder and President, attributes his company’s success to, “our experienced staff, flexible work environment, and our willingness to branch out into new areas.” Sterlitech also received a similar honor last month when Inc. Magazine named the organization as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. As part of its expansion, Sterlitech Corporation has recently added customizable membrane test cell systems for crossflow filtration applications to its bench scale product line.PSBJ Fastest 100

The Fastest-Growing Private Companies program was launched 17 years ago by the Puget Sound Business Journal to identify and recognize companies speeding to the top of their industries. To be eligible, companies must: be privately held and headquartered in Washington; have at least $500,000 in net revenue in 2008; show an overall growth from 2008 to 2010 fiscal years; and agree to have their net operating revenues with Puget Sound Business Journal.

The 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies program is presented by the Puget Sound Business Journal and sponsored by Lane Powell, Robert Half International, BDO, Comcast Business Class, and Sound Mental Health.

Puget Sound Business Journal is the region's premier source of business information, serving an unparalleled audience of business and community leaders. In addition to the weekly newspaper, the Business Journal provides daily updates via its web site and email alerts. The company also plays a vital role in bringing the area's leadership community together by hosting a wide variety of events throughout the year, from the Women of Influence awards event to the Washington’s Best Workplaces event at Safeco Field. Puget Sound Business Journal is a unit of American City Business Journals, which operates 40 local business newspapers throughout the United States. Visit Puget Sound Business Journal on the web at,,

About Sterlitech Corporation:

Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

For more information about Sterlitech, visit:

September 22, 2011 - Sterilization Test Equipment

Introducing our new line of sterilization test equipment from 3M! Use these biological and chemical indicators in conjunction with autoclaves or sterilizers to be sure your materials are properly sterilized.

September 9, 2011 - Ship on Your Own Account

You can now choose to ship any of your online orders on your own UPS, FedEx, or DHL account! Check out our blog post for more details.

August 26, 2011 - Disposable Vacuum Filters

We're continuing to expand our catalog with a new line of Disposable Vacuum Filters. These filters are a great choice for cost effective filtration and they are currently on sale for 60% off until September 30th!

August 23, 2011 - Sterlitech Corporation Makes List of 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies!

Inc. Magazine released their annual listing of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States and we're very happy to announce that we made the cut! Thank you to all our wonderufl and supportive customers for making this happen!

August 15, 2011 - New Products: Hollow Fiber Membranes

Today there are two completely new product categories in our catalog: Hollow Fiber Membranes. The hollow fiber cartridges provide high flow-rates and easy scale-up or scale-down processes.

August 12, 2011 - Wishlist Changes, Sharing Carts Made Easier

We got rid of the wishlist feature this week in favor of an easier cart sharing method. You can now create a cart and email it without having to be logged in to an account. Read our blog post about the change for more information.

August 9, 2011 - Now with Disposable Vacuum Filters!

We just added a line of disposable vacuum filters for rapid filtration of tissue culture media and aqueous biologicals. They are made with a durable Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and available with or without a receiver flask. Take a look here.

August 5, 2011 - Silver Membrane Pricing

To Our Silver Membrane Customers:

Due to market conditions involving our supply chain, effective October 1, 2011 we are enacting a 5% price increase on all silver membrane products. Orders placed prior to October 1st as well as standing blanket orders will not be affected. The new prices on silver membranes are valid through 2012. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to provide the highest quality products for your filtration needs.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-544-4420 or

March 23, 2011 - Welcome to the New Sterlitech!

As you may have already noticed, today we launched the redesigned Sterlitech website! We're excited about the changes and hope the new look will make using our site a more pleasant experience for everyone. 

For Sterlitech account holders:

Please understand that as part of this update you may be required to update your login information in order to access your Sterlitech account.  You can do this by going through password recovery here to have a temporary password sent to your email. Once you have logged in with your temporary ID you can create a new password and update your account information from the Account Dashboard.

We hope this does not create any inconvenience for you, and we look forward to your joining us on the new and improved!

If you have any questions or issues you can contact us at 1-877-544-4420 or

Sterlitech Expands Flat Sheet Membrane Selection with Addition of TriSep Products

Full line of TriSep Membranes now available at Sterlitech

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Kent, WA (March 9, 2011) – Sterlitech Corporation is proud to announce its partnership with TriSep Corporation, leading producer of a broad range of membrane elements for the water treatment industry. Available immediately, TriSep’s flat sheet membranes join Sterlitech’s already robust product line, which includes membrane sheets from noted manufacturers GE Osmonics, and Toray Membrane Group. All of the flat sheet membranes are offered individually as sheets or conveniently pre cut for use with the HP4750 stainless steel stirred cell, CF042 test cell, and Sepa CF cross flow cell.

TriSep Flat Sheet Membranes
The addition of TriSep membranes is significant because one of the fastest growing market segments for Sterlitech’s bench scale systems is research and development for desalination and wastewater purification, which TriSep has specialized in for over 20 years. "We have seen a steady increase in customer demand for our bench scale equipment, and correspondingly, a wider demand for a greater variety of flat sheet membranes," explains Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. TriSep flat sheet membranes are available in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), and Microfiltration (MF). Mr. Spatz went on to say, "The addition of TriSep products illustrates our desire to support the wide-ranging needs of our customers."

Sterlitech’s bench scale equipment is used by major universities and large corporations worldwide. Common uses for these items include research on desalination, water reclamation, food and beverage processing, and water purification.

About Sterlitech Corporation:

Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

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About TriSep Corporation:

Trisep Corporation develops, engineers, and manufactures membranes and chemicals for the purification and process industries. TriSep focuses on unmet needs in the marketplace and has the unique ability to customize elements based on customer requirements. The company also manufactures various replacement elements for system retrofits. In addition to manufacturing elements, TriSep mixes powder and liquid cleaners, and antiscalants that are compatible with most membranes.

For more information about TriSep, visit:

Acrylic Crossflow Cell Creates New Possibilities

Kent, WA November 17, 2010

CF042 Acrylic Cell

CF042AC Acrylic Crossflow Cell

Sterlitech Corporation is proud to unveil the newest model in the CF042 series: the CF042AC. Manufactured out of acrylic, this unique, transparent version allows users to visually monitor the filtration process in order to improve research and development discovery and permit the exploration of new applications. This innovative design is solely offered by one of the leading producers of bench scale filtration equipment.

“We’ve seen a number of inquiries from customers wanting to know if the acrylic cell can be used for a variety of operations ranging from the typical to the completely unique,” according to Mark Spatz, President of Sterlitech. Standard uses for crossflow cells include: Membrane Development Testing, Flat Sheet Membrane Quality Assurance, and RO to MF Separation and Purification. Mr. Spatz added, “Being able to actually see the filtration process makes monitoring and evaluation much easier.”

Feed solution enters the membrane cavity in the CF042AC, flowing tangentially across the membrane surface. A portion of the stream permeates the membrane and flows through the permeate carrier located on the underside of the top half of the cell, finally exiting through the outlet on the top of the cell into a user designated collection vessel. The concentrate stream, which contains the material rejected by the membrane, continues sweeping over the membrane, exiting via the concentrate outlet on the underside of the bottom half of the cell into a discharge vessel or back in to the feed vessel. A concentrate control valve on the low pressure side of the holder allows for complete user control over the flow of the solution.

The acrylic model joins the lineup of Sterlitech’s other CF042 cells made from Delrin, PTFE, and 316 Stainless Steel. Selecting the proper cell depends largely on the chemical compatibility of the sample and the pressure requirements for the application. Sterlitech representatives are available to answer any questions on the CF042AC and their entire catalog of products. In addition to the CF042, Sterlitech also carries the HP4750 and Sepa CF series of crossflow cells.

About Sterlitech Corporation:

Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech’s membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

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US Chamber of Commerce Honors Sterlitech Corporation

KENT, WA (March 22, 2010)

Sterlitech Corporation, one of the world’s leading producers of inorganic membranes and bench scale testing equipment, recently announced their acceptance of the prestigious Faces of Trade® Award presented by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Sterlitech Corporation is a prime example of an American business successfully navigating the international marketplace,” said Liz Reilly, Director of TradeRoots for the US Chamber of Commerce. “Our award honors small and medium-sized [American-owned and operated] companies that are actively engaged in the global marketplace and creating jobs and opportunity.”

With ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers living outside of the United States, trade agreements and increased exports are critical in the success of American businesses. The Faces of Trade® Award recognizes the efforts of companies like Sterlitech which demonstrate how exercising an effective trade policy can lead to the success of small businesses while simultaneously having a measurable impact on their communities through domestic job opportunities and local economic growth.

“We have been doing business globally for over eight years,” said Mark Spatz, Founder and President of Sterlitech, a company whose products are used worldwide in research projects that require absolute precision in measurement and results. “Thirty percent of our sales are a direct result of trading internationally. Free trade agreements have been vital for our company’s bottom line - especially during this difficult economic period.”

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