Schistosome Test Kits

Schistosome Test Kits

The Schistosome Test Kit uses membrane filter technology to quantify schistosome eggs in urine and comes complete with everything needed to carry out fast, accurate tests in the field. 

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The Schistosome Test Kit includes 500 13mm polycarbonate screen membrane filters (choice of 12, 20, or 30 µm pore size), 5 13mm plastic Swinnex filter holders, 2 syringes (10 cc), a pair of forceps, and a convenient plastic case.

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  • For more on Schistosomiasis, its impact and how the Sterlitech Schistosome Test Kit could help turn the tide in the fight against this disease, click here to view Sterlitech’s new white paper.

Schistosome Test Kits
SKUProduct NamePrice
Schistosome Test Kit | Sterlitech Corporation98230Schistosome Test Kit, 12 Micron
Schistosome Test Kit | Sterlitech Corporation98231Schistosome Test Kit, 20 Micron
Schistosome Test Kit | Sterlitech Corporation98232Schistosome Test Kit, 30 Micron

Schistosome Test Kit Specifications

The Schistosome Test Kit is a portable, all-in-one-tool for immediate determination of schistosome eggs in urine. Testing for schistosome eggs is extremely important as hundreds of millions of people are infected with the parasitic disease known as Schistosomiasis. The World Health Organization considers Schistosomiasis the second most important disease on the planet.

 Polycarbonate Screen Membrane Filter Specifications
 Sterilization Gamma Irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (EtO)
 USP Class VI Testing Passed
 Thickness 3–30 μm
 BSA Protein Binding <5 μg/cm²
 Max Operating Temp. 140°C (284°F)
 Sealing Compatibility Ultrasonic, Heat, Radio Frequency and Insert Molding
 Pore Size Range 12 μm
 Extractables Very low
 pH Range 4–8
 Autoclavable Yes (30 minutes at 121 °C)

Schistosomiasis white paper created by Sterlitech - White Paper


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