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Sterlitech Corporation’s portfolio covers an array of unparalleled filtration products designed to push the boundaries of:

  • Execution of routine methods
  • Membrane development
  • Application innovation
  • Small-scale Processing

Our aim is to equip scientists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with the means to transform ideas into reality.

Sterlitech is an industry leader focused in unique micro and sub-micron filtration products. We strive to support our customers by keeping them at the forefront of their industries, tailoring solutions to individualized needs, responding to the demands of emerging technologies and aligning with their visions including:

  • Membrane filters to improve workers’ environments
  • Systems to recover and reuse high value waste streams
  • Disease detection devices and diagnostic tools
  • Desalination and water resource conservation

Located in Kent, Washington USA, Sterlitech was founded in 2001. Its founders have over 90 years of combined experience in membrane and microfiltration technology. The company has developed a strong global brand recognition serving a vast number of end markets in over 125 countries.

Mission: To provide filtration products to scientists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries alike to transform ideas into reality.

Vision: Elevate quality of life by being part of the solution to big science problems.

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Sterlitech ISO Registration by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., Certificate Number: C2017-03610

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Mark Spatz brings a wealth of experience in both the business world and in environmental economics to the role of founder at Sterlitech Corporation. With a keen eye toward building superior performing products that fill niche market needs and experience in membrane businesses for more than a decade, Mark rapidly built Sterlitech into a leading manufacturer of silver membrane products.

Prior to launching Sterlitech, Mark engaged in the Internet space as a Business Analyst for Aptimus (formerly known as FreeShop.com), evaluating the business needs of a top twenty Internet e-commerce site. Previously, he worked as an Account Manager and Director of Research for McKnight & Company, Inc., where he built a coalition of over 100 companies for the Salmon Trade Alliance. Mark also worked as a Market Analyst for J.L. Anderson Associates, Inc. and as Economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mark has a BS in Natural Resource Economics and a MS in Environment Economics from the University of Rhode Island.

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