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PTFE Membranes

PTFE Membranes

These PTFE (Teflon) membranes are available in hydrophilic, hydrophobic, supported, and unsupported options for a wide range of applications involving strong/aggressive acids, bases, and solvents incompatible with most other filtration media. 

The laminated membranes are thicker for easy handling. These filters are chemically and biologically inert, stable up to 260°C (500°F) and naturally hydrophobic; they are very useful for aerosol sampling, air venting, and gas filtration, especially in environments also containing water vapor. For filtering aqueous solutions, we offer a full line of hydrophilic PTFE membrane filters from Advantec or our hydrophobic PTFE can be pre-wetted with alcohol to establish flow with reasonable pressure differentials.

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Our PTFE Membranes Selection

PTFE Laminated Membrane Filters

These hydrophobic PTFE membrane filters made of pure ePTFE laminated onto a polypropylene non-woven layer, providing strength and high chemical compatibility for aggressive solvent filtration, phase separations, venting, and aerosol sampling.

PTFE Unlaminated Membrane Filters

Our unsupported, hydrophobic, PTFE membrane filters are ideal for sterilization and venting applications involving air, gasses, and solvents/acids incompatible with most other filters.

Aspire Laminated ePTFE Membranes

The Aspire ePTFE membranes are ideally suited for applications where liquid and contaminant rejection are key.

Advantec Unlaminated PTFE Hydrophilic Membranes

Advantec's line of unsupported, hydrophilic, pure PTFE membranes are ideally suited for use in HPLC separations and other applications involving mixtures of aqueous and organic solvents.

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