Botanical Extraction Filter Pack, Includes 9.0cm Coarse, Medium, and Fine Filters

Botanical Extraction Filter Packs include one pack each of coarse cellulose filter paper (25 micron), medium cellulose filter paper (6 micron), and fine PES filters (0.45 micron) in 9.0cm diameter.
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Filtration is an important step in production of high quality cannabis extracts. Typical extraction methods often have carryover of undersirable lipids, plant matter, and debris from cultivation, and filtration is often the key to high-quality final product.  Sterlitech suggests a three-step vacuum filtration process with increasingly fine separation. Vacuum filtration systems require a vacuum pump, filter holder (i.e. glass funnel), filters, collection flask, and appropriate rubber stoppers and tubing. Filter holder selection is based on the desired filtration level, from rudimentary Buchner funnels to precise glass microanalysis holders.

Coarse cellulose filter papers are a great choice for rough filtration or pre-filtration, and following up with medium cellulose filter papers will eliminate large particles from solution. Our cellulose are free of ash and bleach, for safe and effective filtration. A porcelain Buchner funnel setup is suitable for this level of filtration.

For finer filtration use of a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter will remove bacteria and microparticulates to yield a highly refined extract. The PES filters have absolute-rated pore sizes at either 0.2 or 0.45 microns, so you can be confident that nothing larger than the selected pore size will pass through to your end product. At this level, glass filter holders will provide the best support for the membrane and are suggested over Buchner funnels.

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Example Applications:

  • Cold-filtration to remove lipids or waxes
  • Clarification or plant debris removal
  • Bacterial removal (using 0.2 or 0.45 micron PES filters)
  • Ethanol washing

Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Filter Specifications

Cellulose Filter Paper Specifications


Cellulose Filter Paper Specifications


  Coarse Medium Slow
Retention 19-26 micron 6 micron 1.5-3.5 micron
Flow Fast Mediium Slow