Sterlitech Manifold Kit for Botanical Extraction, Includes 90mm Glass Funnels, 3-place SS Manifold, 3 Packs of Filters, Trap Bottle Assembly, Pump, and Tubing

The Sterlitech Manifold Kit for Botanical Extraction offers and easy way to increase throughput when filtering solvent-extracted compounds of interest from plant-based sources. The kit assembly includes all the hardware to get started: three high-quality glass filter funnels, a stainless steel manifold, three silicone rubber stoppers for 90mm funnels and three for 25/47mm filter funnels, a 5-liter trap bottle assembly, a PILOT 5000 chemically-resistant vacuum pump, and EPDM vacuum tubing. This kit is compatible with all 90 mm polymeric Sterlitech filter discs; contact us for other filter materials if needed.
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    Botanical Extraction
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  • 5 Liter Side Arm Flask
  • 90 mm Glass Microanalysis holder with a stainless steel support
  • PILOT 5000 Vacuum Pump
  • Starter kit of 90 mm filters
  • EPDM Vacuum tubing


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  • Cold-filtration to remove lipids or waxes, often called winterizing
  • Clarification or plant debris removal
  • Bacterial removal (using 0.2 or 0.45 µm PES filters)
  • Batch processing with manifolds
  • Ethanol washing