Vactrap™: A Novel Vacuum Trap Solution

Help keep your lab equipment and personnel safe by upgrading to the innovative Vactrap™ system. This product is a new and improved take on vacuum traps. The Vactrap™ protects vacuum pumps from contamination using vacuum-stable bottles and a sterilizing in-line vent filter.

Many existing vacuum trap assemblies include multiple glass flasks and tubing held in place by ring stands. This durable plastic system can easily replace traditional vacuum traps in the lab, freeing up valuable bench space and preventing hazards. Specific applications include supernatant removal, media/culture aspiration, and chemical/solvent separation.

As a ready-to-use product, the Vactrap™ system includes chemical-resistant 2L and 1L HDPE bottles that exceed CDC recommendations for vacuuming biohazardous materials. Autoclavable polypropylene bottles are also available for use in this system. Each bottle features a VersaCap for tangle-free opening. The associated tubing is also included, with a pinch clamp to modulate use and a 0.2 micron PTFE vent filter shielding the vacuum line from aerosolized bacteria. These components are nested in a CDC-compliant secondary containment bin to create a compact yet highly sturdy assembly, allowing for robust filtration with no fear of pump damage.

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