Sterlitech Now Offering Hollow Fiber Membranes

 Are you looking for Hollow Fiber (HF) membranes to build your own pressurized or submerged membrane filtration system?

 Hollow fiber membranes are now available. These membranes are composed of uncoated, permanently hydrophilic PVDF with 4-5 times the mechanical strength of standard NIPS (non-solven induced phase separation) HF’s.

These membranes can be used in both pressurized and submerged modules, and have several advantages compared to the flat sheet and /spiral wound membrane modules. They have high membrane specific area and packing density, low fouling intensity (suitable for filtering solutions with high solid content), high mechanical strength, and resistance suitable for filtering hard- to- treat solutions.

HF membranes can be utilized in applications such as:

  • Industrial membrane bioreactors (MBR)

    • High strength waste water

  • Municipal MBR

    • Direct potable reuse (DPR), with direct integrity testing via application of air @ 25 psi

  • Process separations

    • High MWCO separations (>250 kDa)

    • Beer cold filtration (microfiltration membrane)

  • Grey water filtration for reuse

  • Oily waste water (<5 ppm Free Oil)

Memstar USA1 HF Membrane Specifications



About Memstar USA:
[1] Memstar USA is a sister company/business unit of the Singaporean PVDF membrane manufacturing company, Memstar Private Limited (part of the large diversified Chinese company, Citic group). Memstar products account for > 1,500 MGD of installed membrane plants in global pressurized and submerged MF/UF applications.