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Forward Osmosis Cells

Forward Osmosis Cells

Sterlitech Forward Osmosis (FO) systems operate like traditional reverse osmosis membrane test cells but require less energy and lower pressure to function, which means better fouling resistance. FO cells are most frequently used for desalination and water and wastewater treatment in a variety of industrial processes. Click on the applications tab for more information on where FO cells are used.

Our FO cells are available as modified versions of the CF042 (Delrin Acetal, PTFE, Stainless Steel, or Acrylic) and the Sepa CF systems. The top and bottom of the FO cells feature the same ports (1/4” NPT) for easy connectivity as part of a bench system.

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Our Forward Osmosis Cells Selection


Sterlitech's CF042-FO membrane cells are laboratory-scale, modified forward osmosis filtration units designed to provide fast and accurate performance data with minimal amounts of product, expense, and time.

Sepa CF-FO

The Sepa CF-FO Forward Osmosis system provides lab scale filtration that efficiently simulates the flow dynamics of much larger membrane elements.

FO Parts and Accessories

In order to operate our Forward Osmosis Cells, a feed flow pump is also required; we have three different pump options available and many other accessories to accommodate your applications.