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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment
Sterlitech microbiology testing supplies make microbiological analysis testing possible. From research autoclaves and microtube coolers, to centrifuge and mixing equipment, you can count on your equipment for all of your microbiology and biotechnology work. Our vast selection of microbiology testing supplies also includes sterile and disposable filter funnels, culture media and sampling bags sterilized by Gamma radiation.

Our Laboratory Equipment Selection


The EZgrip™ Carboy offered by Sterlitech is the most advanced fluid storage and transfer system available today.


Achieve results faster and save space with these versatile, powerful benchtop centrifuges from SCILOGEX and Benchmark; a conveniently compact, economical solution for increasing the productivity of your laboratory's sample preparation processes.

Laboratory Sterilization

To streamline your research laboratory, be sure to choose our time and space-saving autoclaves and sterilization equipment.

Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates

This assortment of hotplates, stirrers, and combination units from Benchmark and Scilogex feature space-saving designs and durable construction.

Pressure and Vacuum Pumps

Sterlitech stirrers and vacuum pumps are among the highest quality microbiology supplies of their kind.

Sample Temperature Regulation

This section contains dry baths and microplate coolers that maximize capacity with a minimal bench footprint.

Shakers, Mixers and Rockers

Sterlitech’s detailed selection of laboratory shakers, mixers, and rockers from Benchmark and Sciologex are quiet and compact to fit your bench needs.