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  • New Microdyn Nadir Flat Sheet Membranes

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    Sterlitech is launching new flat sheet membranes from Microdyn Nadir: NP010 and NP030. Both NF membranes have a Polyethersulfone (PES) active layer and Polyethylene/Polypropylene (PE/PP) support layer. NP010 and NP030 are chemically resistant and can be used at high temperatures, which makes them suitable for applications such as acid/caustic preparation, and for the metal and chemical industry.


    Product NP010 NP030
    Manufacturer Microdyn Nadir Microdyn Nadir
    Applications Acid/caustic preparation, metal and chemical industry Acid/caustic preparation, metal and chemical industry
    pH Range 0-14 0-14
    Permeate Flux (lmh1)/psi >200/580 >40/580
    Na2SO4 35-75% 80-95%
    Polymer PES Active layer, PE/PP Support Layer PES Active layer, PE/PP Support Layer

    1 LMH stands for Liter per Meter Square Membrane Active Area per Hour

    These new additions are available in large sheets, as well as in precut coupons for use in the Sepa CF, CF042, and CF016 filtration cells, and most stirred cells. Custom membrane sizes are also available upon request. For more information about NP010 and NP030 or if you need assistance to find products suited for a specific application, please contact Sterlitech. To browse our complete selection of NF membranes or to place an order with us, click here.

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  • Celebrate the Holidays with a Gift from Sterlitech

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    The closest most people get to using a membrane filter happens when they slide a paper filter into a coffee machine each day for their morning brew. That realization gave us a great idea for a practical gift that we know many of you could use: a handsome coffee mug monogrammed with Sterlitech’s logo.

    From now until the end of January, with any order from the Sterlitech website or the Glass Fiber Store, you can enter the coupon code “MUG 2014” to claim a free coffee mug. However, our supply of mugs is limited, so pay us a visit and claim yours

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